Monday, July 6, 2009

Little bit of everything

First off, this post is not my best work. I am well aware.  It's muddled and random and contains a lot of exclamation points.  But, there are a lot of pictures which, as we all know, can be all-redeeming!!! (see...)

My posts are usually very focused and cover just one topic, but this one is a bit of a mish mash.  Forgive me?  I'm a bit of a mish mash lately...

Okay, it's official.  We've started our cycle - I toss back about five different pills a day and right now just one shot at night, but if all goes according to plan, that will increase to four shots per day in a little over week.  




Pass the sharps container!

In other news...I have been doing massive closet purges.  But, in case you didn't know, I am the consummate sentimental mother.  I mean, I am really out of control. I keep everything. The other day I found myself trying to decide whether I should throw out one of Piglet's baby socks. There was only one because the dog ate the other one. It is brown argyle and adorable.

Of course I KEPT it.  

Because...he did wear it that one time with that one outfit and he was so cute in it and oh, I'll just squish it into this drawer and I know (!) I'll put it in his scrap book under "first sock the dog ate."  Genius!

SEE?  I'm sentimental to the point of silly.  Believe it or not, I'm not a complete pack rat because too much clutter bothers me, but I have a really hard time parting with Piglet memorabilia.  I know, I know. Rookie.  

Anyway, my darling, nerdy, awesome husband just installed a new MONSTER hard drive into my MacBook and so I was able to merge all my other photo libraries into my 'puter.  This of course called for a trip down memory lane.  

Come with me!

You know you want to!

It'll be fuuuuun!

Don't make me pull this car over!  

Allow me to share with you what I found in my treasure trove of photos.  Pictures of Piglet and our dearest friends over the past year.  

Oh. My. Holy. Cuteness.

Would you just LOOK at how little they were and check out how BIG they are now?  

I am getting verklempt.  

My baby. 

Our babies!  

Growing up!!!


I need another one.  

The Piglet and Will series

five and two months respectively.

five and eight months
one year and 15 months

Why the heck is blogger underling all my text? 

The Miss Cutie and Piglet series

Eight weeks and two weeks

Five months and 3.5 months

17 months and 18.5 months

The Piglet and Miss A series 

Seven months and two years old

27 months and ten months

almost three years old and 17 months

The Piglet and Riley series

seven and eight months

11 months and one year

16 months and 15 months


Cameron said...

Super cute! :)

Jess said...

Oh how I love those pictures

Carrie said...

HOLY CUTE! And hooray for cycle underway! I am so excited for you! Also, I am guilty of keeping everything... I have a ridiculous amount of stuff, including lone socks that were too cute to toss, despite their lack of use. :)

Caroline said...

Gorgeous photos of Piglet and his friends. I am so excited that your next cycle has started. Keep us updated. x

Sarah said...

MVK, I looooove all these pics! Tear.

Praying for IVF success as always.

Love xoxo