Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm either old or infertile.

I haven't stooped to the level of getting one of those 

M T W TR FR S SD boxes yet, but I'm close.  

Last night I forgot to take two of my pills.  

I'm so used to chasing them with shots and since I had zero shots yesterday (w00t!) it just plumb slipped my failing mind.

Hm.  Maybe I am old AND infertile. 

Would be just my luck.

One more sleep until my transfer.  So excited.  I hope my little darlings are growing away in their little dish.  

Tonight I am going to eat massive amounts of sushi and have one celebratory glass of bubbles.  Go me. :)


Carrie said...

Like you, I am old and infertile and have made a chart of my meds. Seriously. I take about 12 pills a day and I forget which I took. Then I shuffle around the house asking people, "Did you see me take my Niphedipine?" (Usually met with blank stares.)

Anyhoo, enough about me. Go have some sushi and sake bombs. YUM!

1 more day til you are PUPO!

Eileen said...

I totally almost bought a pill reminder thingy at the pharmacy the other day. It was a cool one though, so as not to make me look too old. It was rainbow colored and they are screw off dishes that stack together. I was too cheap to buy it then, but now I keep thinking about how much I want it. I might just have to go and buy that today in your honor. And we are so not old.