Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Dream Team

I'll get to the details of my retrieval in a second, but first I wanted to talk about my RE's clinic.

I love the people at my clinic.  Really and truly.  I wrote about my deep affection for this place and it's peeps a few months back.  You can read that post here.

Today they showed me once again, why they are exceptional and how they have earned my full trust, respect and friendship.  

After the receptionist saw how visibly shaken I was after learning that Dr. Famous and NOT Dr. Dreamy would be doing my retrieval, she apologized profusely that no one had told me of the change in schedule.  

Of course at that point my eyes started to tear up as I tried to explain why it was so important to me that Dr. Dreamy be the one to do the retrieval.  It's not that I didn't believe in Dr. Famous' abilities, he is in fact, a genius, but I have worked my entire schedule around Dr. Dreamy doing this procedure.  If he had missed every other step but was there for this one, I would still be OK with it.  For me, the retrieval is the most delicate, key piece of this entire process.  

At that point the receptionist told me she was going to email the nursing staff about this.  Then I heard murmurs of "call Dr. D" and "just tell him about the situation."  

Next thing I know, I hear the receptionist on the phone with Dr. Dreamy and after she hangs up with him, she peeks over to me and says "We made it right. Dr. Dreamy is going to come in and do your retrieval."  

And then I started crying again.  

Next, my favorite "back of the house" nurse came to get me and told me that they were all so excited to be there for me and knew that it would NOT fly not having Dr. D do my retrieval.  One nurse even told me she saw it on the chart this morning and had already started raising hell about it.  So all forces were working in my favor! They know me back there and they like me too, which helps. :)  Apparently Dr. Dreamy had wanted to do my retrieval but there are some office politics about it and he didn't want to step on Dr. Famous' toes.  That Dreamy, so polite!  

Anyway, so I had my Dream Team there with me and I felt so happy and at ease.  I could not have asked for more.  

And now for the other big news - my retrieval numbers!!!  

WE GOT TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

TEN PLUMPY EGGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

GIMPY and LAZY MADE ME TEN GOOD ONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now we wait for the call from the embryologist tomorrow about how many eggs fertilized.  

What a crazy, emotional and wonderful day it's been.  Thanks for your support everyone!!!!  I can feel it pulsing through the air and it is amazing.  YOU are all amazing. 


PS - Feeling crampy and sore post-retrieval but took my Tylenol and going to take a snooze while dh watches the Piglet for the day.  I'm a lucky girl.


Carrie said...

YAY! That clinic totally is your magical place. I loved mine too and what a wonderful feeling since that is where some of us make our babies.

TEN! 10 Little Eggies! :) Your ovaries have performed admirably. You deserve all the Tylenol you can handle, a chick flick and a cupcake. WOOT WOOT!!!

Nicole said...

Yay!!! 10 eggs, that is awesome. I have a very good feeling about this for you. :) I am so glad that Dr. D was willing and able to do your ET-it sounds like you really have an amazing group at that facility. I wish mine was half as personal. Wow. Hope your feeling ok and got to relax today. Fingers crossed for tomorrow's progress report.

Mo and Will said...

Congrats on your retrieval, and I am SO GLAD that Dr. Dreamy was able to do the procedure. Rest up my dear. Just think - while you're sleeping, those 10 eggs are a'fertilizing : )


Meredith said...

SO glad it all worked out with Dr. D. It's so amazing how nurturing your REs office is. Great numbers too! Can't wait to read your next report!


Joy said...

Oh my goodness!!! TEN EGGS! Amazing, momma!!! And, I'm so glad things worked out with Dr. D! I'm thinking of you daily. HUGS HUGS HUGS!