Saturday, May 4, 2013

Blah blah blah...

I'm just going to jump right in. Forget the "I'm sorry I was so busy raising three pigs..." line (excuses, excuses). We're just going to go for it. Okay? Okay. 

Highlights from our year (because, I know, I know, it's BEEN a year). 

  • We finally completed renovations and moved into our new house! Our forever house. It had better be forever because I am never doing another renovation again. Like, EVER (channeling my inner Taylor Swift). 
  • Mr. K published his first novel! It was his third book, but first novel! As in, something even *I* can/would want to/won't need a nerd dictionary for every single word in order to: read! There's a plot and characters and and and...
  • The Twinks are humongous. Not really, they are peanuts (something like the 10% for weight and 25% for height), but they are THREE. You guys. They are three and potty trained and eat with utensils. They're quintessential twins in so many ways. When they are really fired up or hyper, they start speaking this hybrid twin language where every third word is unintelligible to us, but makes 100% sense to them. They're the best! 
  • Piglet is finishing up his Pre-K year at his (amazing!) school and will be in KINDERGARTEN in the fall. What. The. Hell. Kindergarten. As in, school is mandatory at this age. Crazy cakes. What happened to my baby?! Piglet (Kidlet?) has turned into this funny, thoughtful little man. He recently took a drama class where the kids developed their own characters and wrote a play together. Piglet's character? A crab named Star who communicates only through a series of clicks. I MEAN. Bahahahahahahahaha! 
  • As for me, I'm that volunteer mom at school whose car you'll always find in the parking lot. Also, I was in an EXERCISE video. I know. ME. It's okay, you can laugh. God knows I did/do/can't stop. And I am happy. The kids are so fun and engaging and even though some nights I feel like I might not survive bath.bed.books, I am insanely in love with my boys and I am grateful, so grateful to have them. 

Sidebar: I'm trying to post photos via Flickr but for some $#%^&! reason it keeps NOT letting me which is making me NOT happy! See you soon...