Saturday, July 25, 2009

Inch by inch

Actually, it's millimeter by millimeter, but who's counting?
Oh wait.  

I am. 

Today's check-in was another meh.  Not great, not terrible.  We are slooooowly getting there. Dr. Dreamy counted ten on the left side, measuring between 11.5-18 and five on the right side, measuring between 8.5-14 with one big one measuring 17.  They like to retrieve when all follies are between 18-20mm.  At a bare minimum, they will retrieve if there are three in that range.  I will have that, but I really need more to have a chance at success.  If I had easy retrievals and knew that these counts and measurements actually represented what would be retrieved next week, I would be happy, very happy, with these numbers. However, I have extremely difficult retrievals, the kind that have Dr. D. stressed and worried to the point that he doesn't even want to talk about transfer until after we have crossed the retrieval hurdle so...there you have it.  On the upside, my E2 (estrogen) numbers are rising in a nice, steady, predictable way.  Today it was 1108.  I realize that means nothing to many of you, but to Dr. Dreamy and to me, it means that my body is responding to the meds.  A very good sign.  

Deep, deep down, I have a feeling all this will be okay.  I have a feeling that my retrieval, while not record-breaking will go alright and will yield *some* eggs to make into embryos.  Maybe not in the double digits, but SOME.  Over the past few days, my dh has been reminding me that "it only takes one."  And he's right.  So very right.  Just one will do the trick.  

I'm beginning to talk myself down from the "bummerness" (I am so copyrighting that word) that has permeated the last few days and letting myself get excited about the upcoming week.  Because folks, it's a BIGGIE.  

I go in again on Monday to see Dr. D for another check-in (btw, he called me 'young lady' today and I am positive I blushed.).  The nurse said that I would probably trigger on Monday or Tuesday (my bet is Tuesday) and then 36 hours later (Thursday) I will have my retrieval.  Three days after that we will do our embryo transfer.  


Our embryo transfer is a week away.  

In one week I will be PUPO - pregnant until proven otherwise.  

And that is devastatingly exciting.


Eileen said...

YAY!!! I am so happy that we are so close in our cycles. I can't wait to read your update tomorrow. We could end up triggering at the same time. I will send good vibes your way in the morning. Grow follies, grow!!! Now we can obsess about every last symptom together for 2 weeks after transfer. YAY for cycle buddies!

Eileen said...

And by the way, you crack me up with your fertility clinic pics. Love the pic of the u/s wand. To somseone who has never been in an RE office, that could appear quite perplexing ;-) LMAO!