Friday, July 31, 2009

It pays to obsess!

Posting from my iPhone again. Man I love this thing.

So I've been obsessing all day about my transfer tomorrow. Playing the "what if" game with myself.
Because, you know, who doesn't love a couple rounds of that *awesome* game.

I kept worrying that we'd get in there tomorrow and they'd put me in the weird little conference room again and tell me that all my embryos arrested. Ugh. Talk about a complete and utter nightmare. Then I got to thinking about my little frozen embie. Piglet's twin. And I decided that if we went in there tomorrow and the worst thing had happened, I would want to thaw that little angel and transfer him/her. I'm a genius! What a hell of a back up plan!

So I called my nurse to tell her about the plan I'd hatched in my head. She was so nice and said we'd have to transfer on day five but sure, no problem. She would let them know.

Not ten minutes later I see the clinic is calling me.

Ugh. I feel a pang in the pit of my stomach.

I answer.

It's the embryologist. I hold my breath.

She says my nurse came back to talk to her about my worries and my wish to thaw our other embie. She wanted to put my mind at ease.

So she peeked. Even though they never peek on day two.

And it is fantastic news.
All six are still growing and looking like really great quality embryos!!!!!!


Seriously I love my clinic. They are truly patient-focused and so exceptional.

Please send us all your good vibes, thoughts and prayers at 10:00 a.m. PST tomorrow. :)

Until then!


Carrie said...

YAAAYYY! Those are some healthy embryos, growing away in there. I am so happy you've got so many to choose from, that your back up plan is unnecessary.

I am an obsessive chick like you and would have done the same thing. Sometimes it pays off, right!

Enjoy your evening... SO happy. I will be toasting you from the couch at 10 am exactly with a Red Vine.


Sarah said...

Hey friend! Please know I am thinking of you. Tomorrow! That is so exciting! Good good good luck! xoxo

Dr. A said...

All the good vibes comin' your way, babe!

Cameron said...

Oh for Pete's sake... we are so much the same. :)