Friday, July 10, 2009

Side affects

I'm not quite a week into my IVF calendar and I am exhausted.  The last time I was this tired was when Piglet was a two months old and colicky.  I don't remember feeling quite so fatigued with my last two IVF cycles and I was working full-time then. Between the evil bcps (I take my last one TONIGHT.  Thank God.) and the Lupron shots, I am wiped.  Yesterday I noticed my first belly bruise and this morning a good 1/3 of the left side of my stomach is covered in a large red welt that stings. Yeesh.  In the scheme of things, all is going fine, it's all very manageable, but it is harder than I remembered it being.  My good friend repression has done such a good job!!! 

I think my sheer will to succeed the last cycle helped me to forget all these terrible side affects and just power through.  With that said, I'm trying to power through this cycle too and thankfully Piglet is being uber sweet right now.  Lots of hugs and kisses all around. While he is going through his own growing pains at the moment, he's my best little buddy and a great side kick.  So despite the side affects now and the inevitable ones to come, I think we all know what would be the best side affect of all. Here's hoping. 


Carrie said...

Oh I am so sorry. Lupron equaled HELL for me (the cycle was converted to antagonist) and I remember how exhausted I was. I felt like I had PMS all day long.

So glad Piglet is being his sweet self and giving you lots of snuggles... I am hoping that it just takes one cycle! :)


Cameron said...

Oh, so sorry! Hang in there! :) Wishing you well and crossing my fingers! :)

Joy said...

Thinking of you as you go through all of this. I'm praying for a POSITIVE outcome for you and am glad to hear that Piglet is lovin' on his mommy throughout all of this. HUGS.