Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Never posted from my phone before but I thought I had to. I'm sitting in the waiting room crying right now.

Probably a silly reason. But. Still.

So I can't post the link to it but way back when I had just learned of my cyst returning, I was debating about the timing of my cycle.

All of it hinged on Dr. Dreamy's schedule. I could've proceeded with another RE but I have such a good relationship with Dr. D that I chose to risk my cyst and wait until now. All because I wanted no NEEDED Dr. D to do my retrieval.

It was a given, right?

I just walked in to discover that Dr. Famous will be doing my retrieval.

Hence the crying. I have never shed one tear in this office before.

Dr. Famous is amazing, truly. But he's not my dr. He doesn't know me. He doesn't know how difficult my retrievals can be and he isn't as vested.

I was not prepared for this curveball. I friggin' hate surprises.


Carrie said...

Oh I HATE that! I am a creature of habit and preparation and I would be crying too.

You poor thing... that is awful. I am so glad that he is an expert, however, and I am sure he'll listen to your concerns pre-retrieval.


Love and hugs down I-5 and happy R-day!


Katell said...

I am sure everything will work fine, don't worry !!!!

Sometimes life put things in the way for a good reason. Keep your faith !!

Marketing Mama said...

Hang in there. I'm thinking of you. I know it's awful to be caught unprepared, especially when you have so much invested in this. HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!1