Thursday, July 30, 2009

Musings on the IVF process and fertilization report

The thing that I love no, fascinates no, drives me completely stark raving mad (YES) about this entire IVF process is that it is science, but it's science with heart.  And in the words of A.nais Nin, "The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of, damnit."  Ok, I took the liberty to add that last word.  Sue me.

IVF is full of schedules and protocols and take this, inject that, do it at this EXACT time, ultrasound after ultrasound, and yet it is at the same time, full of the unknown. How will I respond to the meds?  Will this time be different from before? Will my embryos survive until day five? No one ever knows for sure which way it will go.  Not even the doctors.

And the results, if positive, can in many ways, complete your life.  

And the results, if negative, can ruin it.  

That of course, is very black and white. Figures.

In any case, I got the call from the embryologist this morning.  

We have SIX!  

Six out of ten fertilized and are, God-willing, on their way to becoming eight-celled wonders by Saturday.

Six embryos growing in a petrie dish with our name on it.  

And that, my friends is why we call it science with heart.  My heart is on that petrie dish for all the world to see.  

Can't wait for Saturday.  


Mo and Will said...

Half a dozen! Awesome! Congratulations!!!


Carrie said...

OH MY GOD!!!! SIX future babies growing away!

You must be thrilled. I am so very happy for you and cannot WAIT to hear on Saturday too!

Reasons why I like the number six:

1. I got my ears pierced when I was six

2. That is how many feet are currently in my uterus.

3. I went into labor with my daughter on the 6th

4. Six is the perfect number of Red Vines to eat before one gets sick

5. I think we should do away with Wednesday, leaving six days in a week.

6. That is the number of bridesmaids I had.


Meredith said...

Six is a GREAT number!!! Woohoo!!!

Simone said...

I'm sos excited for you! Good Luck!!


Ang said...

Well, I was only 2 off with my guess of 8. We'll take 6! Woo hoo!

Cameron said...

Okay, I know that I am effectively watching a live show on the DVR here by following along late on this blog, but it's still fun following along! So excited for you!