Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You're going to think I'm crazy (or crazier).

Most people who are infertile probably have a love-hate (or even hate-hate) relationship with their RE and their RE's office staff.  And that's understandable since this is such a delicate, emotional speciality. However, this is just not the case with me. I love my RE and most everyone who works at his practice.  Seriously.  I feel so at home there. I could just spend all day there visiting with the nurses, chatting with the front desk gals, talking about meds and shots and protocols.  This was true even before I got pregnant.  It was even true when our first cycle failed.  I just have an affinity with these folks.  

It's as if I'm fulfilling my destiny by being infertile and my RE's office is the Mothership calling me home.  Ha!

This was probably never more true than today.  Today I had my pre-cycle consult with Dr. Dreamy and my most favorite nurse / IVF coordinator EVER.  I haven't seen them since I brought a teeny-tiny Piglet in to meet his other baby daddy (hehe) and the crew.  I have to was a thrill to be there again. You heard me.  I said THRILL. (See?  Crazy.  I told you.)  

The shots and the pokes and all the uncomfortable procedures, whatever, I don't even really associate those things with the practice. What I DO associate them with is the excitement and possibility of what could be.  

And that, THAT is THRILLING.  

I had a great consult with Dr. Dreamy.  We made several decisions about my upcoming cycle which I feel very good about.  Then I got to gab with my fabulous nurse about calendars and making sure that Dreamy isn't on vacation when I have my retrieval (key). She remembered every single thing about my previous cycles (despite them being two years ago now) and I was so impressed!  I am truly in such wonderful hands there.  I know they will do everything they can to make sure that I get to add another Piglet to my pen.  :) 
PS - In another life, maybe I could work there.  It would go something like this:

Me, just flitting around, greeting the incoming IF patients, answering their questions, telling them what good hands they are in - I could be like a walking advertisement/info booth for them! 
Hi there! How are you?! Hey, I'm infertile too!  It finally worked for us and we got a real-live baby and now we're going to try to have one more! Questions about where to bring your full sharps containers?  No problem! Who should you call with questions about your baselines?  I know just the person!  Personalized hospital gown for your retrieval and transfer?  I can tell you where to get them!  


Anonymous said...

....I am getting very excited !!!!!
xox Mirka

Caroline said...

I am so glad that you have a good relationship with your RE. That makes all the difference.

Thanks for your support and encouragement during this difficult week. I know that you had a tough first IVF cycle, but the second one worked (and produced Piglet). I hope that this next IVF cycle you are embarking on is short and sweet.

Anonymous said...

I'm going with crazy. But I'm glad you are so happy. Best wishes.