Monday, March 30, 2009

Demanding baby = funny video

Forgive me, but sometimes I think it's so funny when Piglet has these mini-meltdowns because I won't give him the salt shaker or whatever.  Jana inspired me to capture this moment on video and I think it's hilarious!  Might not be so funny in public at the end of a long day, but first thing in the morning it was pretty darn funny.  

Take note of how he throws everything on the floor in an act of defiance.  He has such a short fuse! Whenever I say "no no" he takes whatever's around and just pelts it to the ground.  I try not to laugh but sometimes I do anyway.  If you listen closely, I'm trying to stifle a giggle right before he throws himself backwards. ;)

What's even funnier is that I didn't give him what he wanted and at the end of this video, he forgot why he was mad and just started watching TV.  Classic.  And, he's a total faker.  There was not one single tear shed!

I love my back-arching, bellowing, terrible little child so much.  Total keeper.  I don't know what I'd do with a quiet, calm, undemanding baby!  I mean, who would I laugh at all day long? 

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Anonymous said...

Piglet is great!!! These are best moments.
Its really funny how he is trying so hard to tell you what he wants....... How come Ginger is not there laying under chair catching that food???
xoxox Mirka