Thursday, March 12, 2009

Piglet's 14 Month Update

Can it really be time already to update stats and party tricks?  Has another month passed us by?  This time I can say it really did go by faster than ever because February is the shortest month of the year!  Piglet's been busy this month.  His obsession with the stairs is now full-fledged and he can make his way down a looooong flight of stairs at lightening speed.  I tried to catch it on video, but I'm always too slow and he is at the bottom before I can get the camera on.  I'll have to keep on trying.  He's still not too hot on the walking business.  I just ordered him a walker toy on Amazon, so we'll see what that does for his interest in walking.  Everyone says I should enjoy this phase when he's not so mobile, but jeepers he sure seems pretty mobile to me!  

I am happy to report that he's branching out on his preferred list of menu items, though Tillamook Medium Cheddar is still the main staple of his diet.  That and mom's milk.  The latter is coming to an end and fast if I have anything to say about it!  

New Party Tricks: signs - bath, off, on, I love you and bear, opening cabinet doors and drawers, turning things off and on (like the radio or TV receiver), standing unassisted (see photo), talking on the phone - it's always dada on the phone btw, bellowing at you if you don't respond the first time e.g. "dadaaaaa..."(silence) then "DADAAAAAA!!!!!!!!" 

Piglet LOVES
  • bellowing at you
  • watching as you fill the tub and throwing toys in the water
  • bath time
  • books, books, books and MORE BOOKS!
  • when you sing to him at bed time
  • the song "I don't want to live on the moon."
  • his mini basketball hoop
  • Thomas the Train toys 
  • Knudsen's Peach Nectar juice
  • licking the butter off of toast
  • rice crackers
  • his dog
  • his daily vitamins 
  • playdates
  • Ba (maternal grandmother)
  • tickling your toes
  • bacon (proving once more that he's my child)
Piglet is OVER
  • baby gates
  • playing quietly in the family room - he prefers the hazardous living and dining rooms
  • mommy being out of his line of sight
  • yogurt melts
  • applesauce (sooo over this one)
  • mommy trying over and over to "introduce" cow's milk
  • being sick
  • being distracted by simply "looking" outside


Anonymous said...

I love your updates. I can't belive how big Reid is. I love his outfit by the bath tub! Hope to see you soon.

Cameron said...

Mmmmm, bacon and butter, me too! :) I love these monthly updates, MVK! :)