Saturday, March 21, 2009

What goes up, must come down!

WARNING - These videos are rated G as in it's likely that only Grandparents will find them endlessly amusing.

These videos weren't shot in the same afternoon, but still so fun to watch! Piglet and his best buddy Mr. R climbed up the stairs while Mr. R's mom played spotter and I captured it on video. If you listen, you'll hear Piglet let out a satisfied sigh and then sign Dada once he reaches the top of the stairs. Mr. R peeks around the corner to see what's in the guest room. He's so cute!

In the second video, I was finally able to catch Piglet as he made his way down the stairs. He is so fast and I'm not all that great at walking backwards. :)


PS - Sorry my camera work is less than stellar!


rutdogg said...

Rowan thinks that's great entertainment.

Anonymous said...

that was fun :)

also...really enjoyed reading your history on the last post!

Cameron said...

Now I see why it was so hard to take that backwards-down-the-stairs shot, he's quick! Super cute!