Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good morning - or, not!

I'm a planner.  Anyone who knows me even a little, knows this about me.  I plan ahead, I make lists, I call for reservations.  It's just how I'm wired.

Today I had my baseline tests scheduled for 8:00 a.m. at my RE's office.  Bloodwork, ultrasound, in and out.  It was going to be quick and easy.  I had my mom coming to watch Piglet at 7:40 and since we live so close to the RE's office, it would be perfect timing.  Except that it wasn't.  My mom lives about 30 minutes away and morning traffic was horrendous.  I talked to her at 7:45 and she was still about 20 minutes away.  Not good.  So, I punted.  No choice in the matter.

I gathered a pajama-clad Piglet, quickly changed his clothes and diaper and grabbed any possible toy or object that might entertain him during my appointment (shiny bracelet, two snack traps, rubber spatula, you get the idea).  As I was driving to the dr's office, I knew we were doomed.  Piglet bellowed loudly at me from his cushy carseat with a questioning look on his face.  "Hey Lady!  What the H are we doing out so early?  I didn't get to finish my breakfast, terrorize the dog or be destructive with my toys yet!!!"  

There are several reasons I had trepidation about bringing Piglet to the RE's office with me, but I must say that the main reason is that I want to be sensitive to the other patients who maybe haven't had their magic, successful cycle yet.  They don't know what I went through to have Piglet, for all they know I might have secondary infertility and I might have even gotten pregnant with him the old-fashioned way, on the FIRST TRY.  (I choked on my Cheerios as I wrote that).  

The other reason is the inevitable chaos that ensued by bringing him with me.  I mean, really it is no place for a 15 month-old, but I had no choice!  From the minute I pushed my shiny, red stroller in with my equally shiny, red baby in it into the office, I broke out in a cold sweat.  The best part though...wait for it... was when we were in the exam room and I was standing there b.ottoms off, holding the literally paper-thin sheet over me with one hand and offering toy after toy, snack after snack, diversion after diversion to Piglet with the other (as the promptly pelted them to the floor while yelling at me).  All the while I PRAYED that Dr. Dreamy would not walk in and find me in that state.  

Speaking of Dr. Dreamy he was wonderful and dapper as ever, even when he had to SHOUT my lining measurements and follicle counts (over a protesting Piglet) to the nurse.  That Dreamy, he's so good that way.  He was my favorite thing today, right after Tollhouse break n' bake cookies.

The good news is my uterine lining looks "very nice" and my follie counts are the same as they were two years ago.  WOOT! My FSH has gone up a little bit but still OK at 10.25. Estradiol is normal at 8.  

The train is on the track.  We might delay it's journey for a few months but that's another post!  


Jamie said...

We only took Bo to our consult (and so far to one OB appointment) and both were difficult. Toddlers and RE's offices just don't mix. :)

I'm glad you made it and everything looks good! Woohoo for the next battle! :)

Angela said...

Dono has those jammies too! Good work juggling piglet and your appointment. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. :)