Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blogging PSA

One of the best things I've done was decide to approve or reject comments before they are posted to my blog.  I mean, I accept and publish 99% of the comments I get but every once in awhile I get someone sucky.  So let's be clear about something.  

I do not blog to be judged, judge others or accept unsolicited criticism.  I blog to share a laugh, share my story, archive moments in my precious baby's life.  

If you have something nice to say - thank you.  

If you have a question to ask - ask away!

But if you have something condescending, judgmental or terse to say (even if you put a smiley face after it), you can suck it.  Especially if you don't even have the cajones to attach your name, ("anonymous") then you can REALLY suck it.  

Thank you and this concludes the Piglet Blog's public service announcement.  Have a nice day.  Especially you, anonymous. :)  


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Who would have thought you had to vet comments on a blog about a small child...

Love the label of this post!!

Megan said...

Seriously?!!! That's crazy! Sorry that not everyone knows how to be a grown-up.

Blossom and Her Fruit said...

We all get 'those people' who feel they can just be rude. And then post Anonymously, proving they know they are rude. Otherwise, they wouldn't be ashamed of what they are saying. They also fear people who are like them. So the anonymity protects them from the judgements they fear. Sad, really.