Thursday, April 16, 2009

Piglet's 15 Month Update

Piglet is 15 months old!  The last month has been great.  So much fun.  We are in a groove now with our daily routine, though we've had a few no-nap or very late nap days.  I think he's transitioning from a morning nap to a late morning/early afternoon nap which keeps things interesting.  

Stats: Weight - 23.8lbs, Height - 31inches, Head circumference: 50% (seems wrong since he appears to have a large noggin, but it must be all the hair), clothing size - mostly 18-24 and some 12-18, shoe size 4.5

We fill our days with playdates and trips to the park and more recently, the zoo!  He can also play independently for stretches of time which means I have more freedom to empty the dishwasher, post on Facebook (crucial) or put in a load of laundry.  It's so great to be at this stage.  More independence for everyone makes momma a happy girl.

Piglet has become SUCH a better eater.  For the first time in his life, he opens up wide for bites and lets me (little old ME!) spoon feed him.  As long as he has his own little spoon and bowl with food in it, he lets me feed him too.  Chalk one up for mommy!  
He continues to be a fast learner especially in the signing department.  I can't adequately explain how great it is to be able to communicate with Piglet!  

Me: Would you like more cheese? Yes?

P-Let: No. Milk. Milk. Milk.

Me: Would you like some bread? Yes?

P-Let: No. Milk. Milk. Milk.

Me: Would you like some yogurt?  Yes?

P-Let: (Pause) Yes, please!  

Piglet's most favorite and frequent sign is "milk" though he's gotten SO much better at accepting no or not asking at all.  In fact, it's now been six straight days since we nursed.  MIRACULOUS.  Might have to call the Vatican kind of miraculous.  Hopefully my little getaway helped him forget how *desperately* he needed to nurse before nap and bedtime.  Bedtime last night (my first night home) was pretty drama free but things tends to get worse for him (instead of better) with each passing day.  

Piglet LOVES

  • crusty French bread - not the supermarket kind, but the ARTISAN kind.  No kidding.
  • Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese.  Do not attempt to substitute as it will send him into a blind rage.
  • apple juice
  • yogurt smoothies
  • Rice Krispies 
  • chicken strips with a little dash of Kosher salt
  • laughing when something is funny.  He does it of his own accord, not in response to us.  So funny!
  • sleeping on a fluffy pillow
  • his little red chair
  • stacking blocks, cups, rings, etc.
  • climbing up and scooting down stairs
  • feeding his dog contraband foods - like crusty French bread which then causes the dog to hack and cough and then puke.  Awesome.
  • Hi-5 (tv show, I know, I know.  It will cause ADD.  It is the only thing that will calm him when he wants to nurse and I say no)
  • demanding that dh and I play Rockband for his pure entertainment. Sometimes he drums along. :)
  • to bellow at you loudly
  • his cousins.  every single one of them, but especially Eva
Piglet is OVER

  • being told "no no" especially about nursing
  • being in the stroller too long, prefers the backpack
  • Cheerios
  • Cheetos
  • sitting still on my lap for more than five or ten minutes (sad tear)
  • cow's milk or soy milk - okay he was never INTO it, but the record should show that he's still not a fan after two months of gentle prodding
  • restaurants
  • certain lullabies
  • the Gymboree parachute
  • baby swings at the park 


brit said...

hooray for weaning! keep it up! in the words of bela karolyi as spoken to kerri strug, "you can DO it!"

Marketing Mama said...

Seriously, he's so cute. I wish you lived in MN so he and Avery could be BFFs.

I hope he adapts quickly to the weaning!