Thursday, April 30, 2009

For Lease.

I had the second part of my baselines today - sonohysterogram and mock transfer. This time the naughty Piglet stayed home with grandma and I was thankful not to be a sweaty mess when Dr. Dreamy entered.  I am so out of practice though, I kept trying to sit up when he wasn't quite through.  Jeez.  You'd think I was a newbie or something. Embarrassing!  

Good news - all is clear in my uterus and the space is ready to be leased to another tiny tenant for ten months.  Woot!  

And now dh and I just need to decide when we want to cycle again.  I am leaning towards end of July/August.  I didn't realize weaning would be so liberating and I want to enjoy being a "normal person" for just a few more months.  And best of all - I LOVE getting to wear whatever I want without a thought as to how easy it is to hike up or pull down! (If you have a little smug grin on your face, get your mind out of the gutter, people.)  Lastly, Dr. Dreamy is going on vacation the beginning of June and if AF is even two days late, he won't be around to do my retrieval which is key.  So, waiting a month or two saves me the stress of that unknown.  I think all of you would agree, there are enough unknowns in an IVF cycle as it is!  

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Anonymous said...

sounds perfect! then you could go for a little March / April baby (babies!?!?). I love Aries! (we rock)