Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Piglet's first REAL word!

I try not to say things that pigeon-hole my child into any preconceived notions, but I swear, this kid is SUCH a boy about certain things. Among these things is his love of automobiles of all shapes and sizes. He has a special place in his heart for yellow schoolbuses and taxi cabs. When we go to the mall, despite the fact that we own THREE strollers that cost an arm and leg (or maybe even TWO arms and one leg), he is happy ONLY in the giant, cheesy, mall strollers that look like cars. And because sometimes, momma just needs her some shopping time, I willingly pay the (GRAND LARCENY) fee of $5.00 and rent the damn thing. You know I wipe down the entire thing with C.lorox wipes before I even touch it, right? Right. Just wanted to be clear on that.

Anyway, to the point. It is more than fitting and not at all surprising that Piglet's first real, spoken word is...CAR (or "cah")!


enail5 said...

Woo hoo for car. Gracen also says says "cah", but it means cat.

Jamie said...

*laugh* Bo's first word was car too! It has to be a boy thing! :)