Monday, April 13, 2009

Piglet minus Mommy

I did it, folks.  I left Piglet home alone with dh (and my mom) and got on a plane and flew to a sunny, warm destination, trading in toting a carseat and stroller and brought a girlfriend instead.  This is the infamous "weaning" trip to hopefully seal the deal on that little venture.  I'm not convinced it will though since I'm my boobs are still on Piglet time.  ;)

I did shed some tears as I kissed Piglet in his carseat when they dropped me off at the airport.  He was so sweet. Laying kisses on me and saying "mwah! mmmmmwah!"  I almost told dh to load my suitcase back up, I wasn't going anywhere.  No really.

But I did it.  I put one foot in front of the other and walked through the revolving door. I admired all the kiddos and held back tears while I waited in line to check my bag and was sad.  I told all the people with kids on the plane that I was going away for the first time without my 15 month-old.  I counted the minutes until I could receive all my text message updates about how Piglet was faring.  

But once we landed in our sunny destination and the idea of FIVE DAYS of sun and relaxation and taking care only of myself sunk in, I started to get excited.  And now that I've been here for two days, I think it's safe to say, while I miss Piglet TERRIBLY, it sure is mighty nice to get tons of sleep, eat at any restaurant (and I mean actually eat INSIDE the restaurant with BOTH hands) and worry only about whether I should apply SPF 8 or 15.  

I'm having a grand time.  So grateful to my dh for encouraging me to go on this little getaway and to my mom for helping out while I'm away.  I'm counting my many blessings on this sunny, warm (HOT!) day.  

And Piglet?  He's doing GREAT.  He's downing yogurt smoothies (no cow's or soy milk though) and eating up a storm.  Demanding and short-fused as ever.  Yesterday dh sent me a text saying that Piglet was in the backpack patting his head like a dog or horse while they were out on their walk.  Ha!  


Marketing Mama said...

So happy to hear you are enjoying your time away. My 15 month old is not interested in weaning either... maybe I can convince my DH and my boss to let me take a 5 day trip! :)

Have a great time!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

wait! you're not home??? i come on thursday!

Emily said...

Good for you! Time for yourself is so important & I'm sure Dad & piglet are enjoying their bonding time. Have a blast!!!

Caroline said...

Thanks for all of your advice and support. I am so glad that you are having a lovely vacation - you deserve it. It must be difficult to be away from the gorgeous Piglet. Caroline xx