Sunday, September 7, 2008

Going out without Piglet

So our first time leaving Piglet (both of us that is) in about five months can be summed up by the photos below.

Here we are having a nice, leisurely dinner to celebrate my bestfriend's (seated next to me) birthday. Dh is across the table from me because we decided to mix it up. :)

Here is Piglet/Shrieker when I got to my parents' place to pick him up three hours later. I don't think we will be able to go out without him again (at bedtime anyway) for at least another few months. My mom, God bless her said she was fine, but she just felt so bad for the shrieking Piglet. I, on the other hand felt so bad for her! Piglet totally terrorized she and my dad.  By the way, that curl on the side of his head is always present, but gets curlier the madder he gets.  He was seriously hacked off at us last night!

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