Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another request :)

My new friend "Marketing Mama" asked me to share pictures of Piglet's nursery. It was a labor of love (the first of two, haha) and I had SO much fun creating this space. If I could get away with it, I would dream up a new nursery for Piglet every year! Guess that means I better have more Piglets so I can keep decorating nurseries.  One funny anecdote about my nursery decorating experience...I searched and searched for the perfect round rug for Piglet's room and couldn't find exactly what I wanted.  I finally settled on a rug from PBK.  One week before my due date, I was flipping through their latest catalog and there it was:  the perfect rug.  Now those of you who know me well and were part of my pg journey know that the nursery was complete two or three months in advance.  I tried to make peace with the rug I already had but I just could NOT get it out of my mind!!!  So there I was, about a hundred months pregnant (or feeling like it), shuffling around in my UGGS, rolling up the rug I had, dragging it down to my car and into PBK to exchange it for my "perfect rug."  I was just three days away from my due date at the time.  Classic ME move if I do say so myself!  It was completely worth it though as I still enjoy the fact that it matches so perfectly every single time I walk into Piglet's nursery.  The night I left for the hospital I even stopped to admire it one last time before leaving!!!  

Anyway, enjoy the pics, Missy!  

Designers/Vendors I used:

Bedding: Serena and Lily, custom order
Area rug and curtains: Pottery Barn Kids
Glider and ottoman: Dutalier
Crib and dresser: Capretti Home
Bookshelf, standing lamp and side table: Pottery Barn Kids
Small child's stuffed chair:
Chandelier medallion: Marie Ricci
Custom stencil: Stencil Planet
Oversized stuffed animals: FAO Schwarz


Anonymous said...

I'm telling you, you don't have to give this information away for free. You could sell your knowledge :)

Marketing Mama said...

What an adorable room! thanks so much for taking and sharing pics! It's so nice! The rug story is hilarious - the one you have now is perfect :)