Sunday, September 21, 2008

Do these people have NO shame?!

My blog is *usually* very lighthearted, but I am so enraged about this tainted milk crisis in China that I just have to rant.  My friends from McMillerPDX commented that there must be a "new level of hell" for people who would knowingly lace baby formula with a harmful substance just to make a buck.  I could not agree more.  In fact, I hope there IS a new level of hell for those greedy, money-grubbing people who last year caused the deaths of thousands of dogs and cats by the same means.  Pet deaths are bad enough but BABIES.  Where is the conscience in this?  What has the world come to?  Apparently they laced the formula with the chemical melamine in order to make it appear to have higher protein content.  To all my friends out there, PLEASE be leery of things labeled "Product of China."  I picked up recently picked a box of these at the store because I'd never seen them before and I'm always on the hunt for some Piglet-friendly new foods.  The minute I saw "Product of China" I put them back on the shelf.  Now I obviously don't know if they contain anything toxic and odds are they do not but I am NOT taking any chances.  I'm sure the poor parents of the 158 children with acute kidney failure, or the four deceased children's parents did not know the powdered milk they were preparing for their children would harm them either.  So be cautious my friends and be vigilant about reading labels.  

Read the full, horrifying story here.  

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