Saturday, September 13, 2008

Don't blink.

Piglet is literally growing up before our eyes and very rapidly (insert wistful sigh).  In the past three days he began cutting four new teeth (have mercy), waving hello and goodbye and crawling. This video was taken literally the moment Piglet started crawling. I am so glad I caught it! I see a lot of gates in our future.

I have so many product reviews to write, (Boon, Ergo Baby, Nuby and many more) but am too busy soothing, teaching and chasing Piglet right now!  Stay tuned.  

P.S. The background music on the video isn't "theme music" it's whoever Ellen had on her show that day. Some country band called Sugarland I think?


morganrenee said...

Ahhhh, hahahahaha. This is adorable and hilarious.

Marketing Mama said...

That is so awesome that you caught him crawling on tape. The best part is hearing you in the background in awe over this achievement. How precious! :)

My little Avery is older than piglet but still isn't crawling yet. (She was born 12-25)

Take care!