Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What the?!

I love the expression on Piglet's face in this picture.  He was confused the entire time I was dressing him because he saw the orange/white tennies he had ON and he also saw the identical orange/white tennies on the FLOOR!  He kept picking up the other shoes looking at them, then looking down at his feet and then looking up at me with this "what the?!" look on his face .It was HYSTERICAL!  Yes they are the same shoes, but one pair Piglet has outgrown, so it was time to move him to the size threes.  What did I tell you?  If I like it, I like to buy in quantity.  Don't worry, I don't have three pairs, once Piglet outgrows these, they'll be retired! 


Kelly Elliott said...

LOVE the tennies! I think Jonah needs a pair of those.

Marketing Mama said...

That's the funniest picture. I've done the same thing with shoes before. And those are so cute!


Anonymous said...

Reid must be super smart. He is so little to understand that you should only have two of one type of shoe.