Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I love a cute baby, but...

I don't need to hear how cute they are from their PARENTS all the time!!!  Don't their kids get enough compliments from friends, family and the general public to quell the desire to hear how cute their kid is?  Maybe I'm in a bad mood tonight (okay, I am), but I just have to rant about people who constantly compliment their own babies!  Sometimes you just can't help it, but ALL the time?  Come on now.  I mean, we all have eyes for our kids, but do I really need to hear how cute and totally brilliant your kid is all the time?  Do any of YOU want to hear about how cute and brilliant MY kid is ALL THE TIME?  I think not.  And even if you did, I wouldn't be able to oblige.  However, I am happy to dole out the compliments to your cute baby and if you think he's cute, you can compliment mine.  Seems like a tidy, fair and annoyance-free way to be the parent of a cute kid.  

Isn't there some sort of "etiKID" out there about this?  What would Emily Post say?  

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Anonymous said...

Another book idea? Emily Post would totally agree with you.