Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Eight Month Update

Piglet is a few days shy of being exactly eight months but I thought I'd write this post while I have a few minutes to myself.  Piglet is getting so big and his funny personality is more apparent than ever.  He has his two lower "bunny" teeth but I can't ever seem to catch them on camera.  I'll keep trying.  His hair is getting thicker but remains smooth and shiny as ever.  The debate at our house regarding where he got his "good hair" continues.  :)  He hasn't started crawling yet, but does push himself up on his hands and can get to anything he's set his sights on.  

There are too many changes and milestones to list, but enjoy the few that I cherry-picked for the update below!  

Piglet LOVES

  • petting his dog
  • any and all beverages, but especially yours
  • blowing raspberries into your cheek
  • clicking his tongue
  • sitting up with toys all around him
  • wearing two-piece PJs
  • lounging in his bathtub with a toy
  • when you blow in his ear
  • laughing his tinkly laugh
  • beets
  • rubbing his hands together like he's putting on lotion
  • his stuffed monkey named Howard
  • strawberry ice cream (bad mommy)
  • when you say "ah-choo!"
  • being around (and batting at) other babies
  • checking himself out in the mirror
  • chewing on his feet
  • Dr. Snyder, his pediatrician

Piglet is OVER

  • getting out of the bathtub
  • anyone who is not mommy after 7 p.m. (yes, still)
  • taking one long morning nap
  • car rides longer than 40 minutes 
  • apples
  • getting his finger and toenails cut
  • diaper changes when he first wakes up
  • going to bed later than 7:30 p.m.
  • "parachute time" at Gymboree class
  • any stuffed animal other than his monkey named Howard
  • mommy changing his clothes three times a day because of the weather shifting (cold in the a.m., hot in the p.m., cold again in the evening)
  • seeing something he wants and getting denied access by you
  • strolling indoors (e.g. the mall...mommy finds this very alarming)

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