Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mmmmmm puuuudddinnnng

Last week I helped celebrate my friend Jen's birthday at a great new spot called 50 Plates.  This place specializes in small plates which my best friend Jessica and I agree, tend to overwhelm us a little when it comes to ordering appetizers, entrees, etc.  This however was not the case when it came to ordering dessert!  The "table" ordered s'mores and a quartet of pudding - butterscotch, banilla, chocolate and tapioca.  Jess and I split lemon meringue bread pudding and sampled a bit of everything else too.   The pudding presentation was so clever, I knew you would all want to see it too.  In case you're wondering, they all tasted as good as they looked!  The banilla (banana vanilla) was my personal fave.  We go back again this Saturday to celebrate Jess' birthday!  I can tell you now, it will take three visits from our server before I can decide what to eat for dinner.  Now dessert...that I already have ordered in my head.  

P.S. We are leaving Piglet with my parents on Saturday.  The last time we both left him was when he was about 3.5 months old and he cried for three hours straight.  It was the beginning of his bottle strike.  Also known as the beginning of the end!  I'm a little nervous just because I know my mom will be stressed if he cries for that long again.  Hopefully he's older and wiser now!  Cross your fingers for a good report from me on Sunday!  If any moms out there have some tips for me about how to leave a seriously clingy baby, send 'em over.  

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