Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Piglet's 16 Month Update

Piglet had a big month!  He is officially weaned (one full month since he last nursed) and he has started walking.  I say FINALLY to both!  He has always had a great sense of humor, (remember this and this) but it is really coming to surface as he gets older and can communicate more effectively.  I have to say, he cracks me up daily. He's one of the funniest people I know.  Oh and his (hilarious) short little temper is also rearing it's head lately too, which against my better judgement I also find so funny. I will have to film how mad he gets when I refuse to open the pantry door so he can wreak havoc!  Overall, the last month has been great and Piglet, no longer a baby, is growing into a wonderful little boy.  

Stats: Weight 24lbs, height 31.5 inches, clothing sizes 18-24 and some 2T, shoes 4.5-5.0

To mix it up this month, I'd thought I'd share:

  1. Many kids have comfort items like a binky, stuffed animal, blankie or other lovey.  Piglet's lovey / comfort item is a Blackberry C.urve. No kidding. He plays with it every night as he is drifting off to sleep and first thing in the morning as he's just waking up. To state the obvious: apple => tree
  2. Piglet loves to eat things off the floor.  I could hand him a piece of cheese and he might refuse it, but if he finds that same piece of cheese on the floor of his nursery, he'll let out a delighted shriek and then stuff it in this craw.
  3. Piglet loves to be given a choice.  If he's fussy or crabby, I just have to say "which {book do you want to read} {shoes do you want to wear} or {cup do you like better}" and he calms down, focuses and points his chubby finger and which one he wants.  If he's in a good mood and I give him a choice, he laughs after he chooses.  It is utterly adorable. 
  4. Piglet would consume all his calories in drinks if I'd let him.  This kid loves him some bevies!
  5. I cannot let Piglet anywhere near the Odwalla juice aisle at the grocery store (usually near the produce section).  He LOVES the colorful caps on the bottles and he bellows his signature "DAAAAAAA!!!!!" and points his chubby finger until I give in and grab a C Monster or Mango Smoothie and let him have the cap.  He seriously will not forget or relent even if I take him to the other side of the store. Oh well, at least he's not obsessed with beer caps because I'd sure get a lot of looks drinking an (unpaid for) beer while grocery shopping!  An Odwalla juice is at least less conspicuous. :) 
  6. Diaper changes are getting less and less like wrestling matches.  In fact, sometimes you just put the diaper down and he runs over, lays down and puts his legs in the air.  Then I'm the one rolling around the on the floor because I'm laughing so hard! 
  7. Piglet loves shoes.  If he sees a pair of shoes on the floor he tries to put them on his feet, even if he's already wearing shoes. Then he'll run and grab another pair of socks, because he knows that socks and shoes go together, but never with sandals.  He is his mother's son.  
  8. Piglet recognizes the difference between any old to-go beverage cup and a Jamba Juice cup.  If he sees you with a big orange straw and tall white, purple and green cup, he will become your best friend.  At least until he drains your Strawberries Wild or Aloha Pineapple and then he's outtie.  
  9. Piglet is obsessed with bubbles.  So much so that I had to hide the bubble cup and now even I can't find it.  Sorry, kiddo (not that sorry though)!  
  10. Piglet has a very keen sense of spatial awareness.  He can be completely engrossed in playing with a toy or a book and I'll think I can sneak upstairs to grab something and before I can move five feet, he's already bellowing to me in a questioning way, wondering where I'm going or where I am.  
I usually answer "I'm right here, baby.  I'm always right here."  

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PDXTwins said...

Maybe 16 months will mark the time I can stop wrestling babies into diapers. Only two months to go . . .