Monday, May 4, 2009

Son of a geek!

I could not resist getting these kicks for Piglet.  His dad's a geek/nerd (call it what you will) and who else could wear these but the son of a geek?  If you don't know what the pattern is, allow me to enlighten you - it's a circuit board.  I KNOW, right?  Genius! That's right, I'm trying to plant the geek seeds early.  I mean, Piglet's dad is actually a certified genius (has the US Patents to prove it) so if indeed Piglet followed in his dad's footsteps (in these circuit board C.onverse, no less) I would be thrilled!  I heart geeks, is that such a crime? 

Plus, geeks are safe.  They don't do crap like get MIPs, stay out past curfew or drag race.  Right?  A mother can dream.


Anonymous said...

i love these shoes :)

Kelsy said...

OMG!! I almost bought these last weekend for Nathan at the Rack!!! I still might go back for them...they are AWESOME SAUCE!!