Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Caveat emptor

In case you haven't bought a house or brushed up on your latin lately, caveat emptor means "buyer beware."  Recently, dh decided his wardrobe needed a little infusion of geek chic and he implored me to help him with this task. I love to shop (duh), so of course I didn't bat a (measly, straight, asian) eyelash.  I am not only equal to, but larger than the task at hand.  How fun!  I get to buy my husband clothes and I don't even need to sneak them into his closet for him to "discover" randomly and think it's been there for months! Visions of Facconnable and Banana Republic and Ben Sherman danced in my head.  I would not call myself the consummate bargain shopper, but I rarely pay full price, so I headed to Nordstrom Rack first. Next I went to Banana Republic, but their selection of sale merchandise was woefully lacking, so in what I thought was a stroke of genius, I turned to - eBay!  I'd had good luck there before in terms of men's shirts.  Plus, Banana Republic has very reliable sizing, so I knew that would be no problem. 

I found several shirts that I thought would suit my dh and was delighted when I was the successful bidder on most of them. Every few days one would arrive in the mail and I would show off my "finds" to dh when he came home from work.  He'd say "good work babe, I LOVE these shirts!" And I'd beam and say "And babe, they were only $25 each!" All the shirts came pinned and pressed because I only buy my baby things that are NWT (new with tags).  Momma doesn't skimp just because she buys on eBay.  ;)  

One morning, dh called to me from our closet.  I was in the nursery chasing a diaperless Piglet around.  

Dh: Babe?  Hey, um, babe?

Me: Yep?  I'm trying to put a diaper on the Piglet!  Piglet, come here!!! 

Dh: Um, babe, can you come here for a minute? 

Me: Argh, just a second!  I am trying to put a diaper on your child.  Crap, he just peed on the rug.  {Then I stomped over to our bedroom. Walked in to find dh wearing one of the new green striped shirts I bought him on eBay.}  WHAT?  What do you need?

Dh: Um, I'm sorry to drag you over here, but I wasn't sure...is THIS supposed to be on the back? {Spins around} 

Me: {Fall on the floor laughing.}  OMG!  I didn't know that was on there!!!  

Dh: And is it supposed to be off-center?!  

Me: {Crying now I am laughing so hard.}

SO, the moral here is buyer beware!  If you buy your husband a shirt on eBay, make sure you take a gander at the back AND the front!  Otherwise, you might send your husband to work wearing a shirt bearing a large, off-center crest topped with a triumphant antelope(?) on the back.  If I hadn't been around, I swear dh would've innocently worn it in, thinking he was a cool kid now.  


PDXTwins said...

That made me laugh so hard. Fortunately, I've found the nasty graffiti or wild game hiding on the clothing before I've left the store with it. Why do companies do this?!

Marketing Mama said...

LMAO. TOo bad it wasn't a skull or something that could have been played off as cool. That's hilarious.

Carrie said...

HA! Thanks for the morning laugh! Your husband is such a trouper- my hubby has to TRY ON before he buys... so frustrating. It sort of looks like a hunting tattoo on the back...


Ms. A said...

He is the cool kid now for sure! Hysterical.