Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kool and the Gang said it best.

Today I'm going to cellllllllabrate good times, come on!  Let's celebrate!  Why? Not only because it's Cinco de Mayo (ole!) but because exactly two years ago to the day, I finally, finally saw two lines appear on a home pregnancy test.  But first I had to feel defeated and throw out the test because the lines did not appear in two minutes like the box said they would.  Figures. Then about 30 minutes later, as I was writing to my URL friends about my second BFN, something compelled me to take the test out of the trash.  That moment has left an indelible mark on my soul.  No, I am not being overly dramatic.  It was soul-changing, people.  Happy could never sum up the glut of emotions I felt when I saw those two lines.  It was like crossing the finish line of the longest race of my life. 

Never one to do things on a small scale (remember Piglet's 1st birthday?), I took a *few* more tests.  You know, just to be SURE.  

I'll remember and celebrate this day every year.  It helps that May 5th also happens to be a major holiday and the wedding anniversary of our dear friends Pat and Mary (we were away at their wedding that weekend).  


Marketing Mama said...

So sweet! :)

My pee-on-a-stick day was Thanksgiving. I always remember it, too.

Melelina said...

I just took a test and am sad cause its a negative! i threw away the box so when I saw a line in each in the circle and the box i got unsure and happy :( oh well congratulations I see your son has been born already adorable

Melelina said...

I threw away my box so I was unsure when i saw 1 line in each the circle and the box...negative sad :( congratulations on your son tho adorable