Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It seemed like a sure thing!

As you might recall, Piglet loves cars, trucks, trains, basically anything with an engine and wheels.  His first real word was "car" or rather "cah."  He has a picture book called "Things that move" and he is obsessed with looking through it.  He'll just sit on the floor and turn the pages and exclaim "cah! cah!" over and over again.  

Our local zoo has an awesome steam engine train that takes you on a scenic ride through the woods and park.  It's hugely popular and there is always a long(ish) line to ride it.  Oh and it costs $4.50 a person in addition to your zoo admission (unless you are awesome like us and have a zoo membership).  Piglet and I have been on several zoo adventures together, but just recently decided to invite daddy along too.  Right when we arrived we heard the conductor say "all aboard!" and we immediately decided we should take Piglet on his first train ride.  

How fun for Piglet and for us as a family!

What a great memory for all of us!  

Who cares that there's a 30 minute wait!  

It will be worth it!  

Yeah, right.  

Piglet loved the train in THEORY.  And actually, he loved it in person too.  What he didn't love was being ON the train.  We handed our tickets over to the nice person in the green polo shirt and with a Piglet on my hip, I slid into the first compartment of the second train car.  No sooner did I do that and dh pull the door shut did Piglet frantically sign "All done!  All done! Help! Help!" and scramble from my lap to dh's lap (highly unusual) and smack at the door trying to get it open.  Of course at that moment, the train started moving and that was that.  

To his credit, Piglet, though terrified, did not cry or utter a sound more than a whimper.  For a moment when the train stopped while the other zoo train passed, he even seemed mildly OK with the whole "I'm on a real live train" thing.  Then as quickly as the other train passed, so did that thought.  He scrambled from the perch on my lap, back over to his dad who he perceived to be stronger and safer.  At one point dh loosened his arms from around Piglet's belly for a moment and Piglet grabbed his arms and pulled them close and tight around him again.  He also maintained a tight kung-fu grip on dh's shirt sleeve.  

Here's a sampling of pictures from our train ride of terror.  ;)

When the 35 minutes was up and our train ride of woe came to an end, I said "Piglet...all done, baby!  We're back!" He smiled with relief, shrieked with happiness and clapped his chubby hands together.  Oh, Piglet.  How we adore you our funny little boy.  


Megan said...

Poor baby! We have had many of those "This will be great - but wasn't" adventures. Fickle, fickle children!

Carrie said...

Oh, yeah. He looks thrilled. So glad he hung in there and didn't scream the whole time. My daughter and I had a similar tractor incident... not pretty!

Caroline said...

Little Piglet is so cute! Thanks for all of your support too. x

Sarah said...

piglet, that face! Poor baby! I adore you too :)