Wednesday, May 20, 2009


For some time now, Piglet has been showing self-restraint when it comes to things he knows are off-limits. He used to look at me and then do the naughty thing anyway, but now he stops just short. This doesn't necessarily mean he's happy about it, but he shows that he knows he's not supposed to be doing [insert naughty action] and he doesn't do it. Most of the time. :) Not bad for 16 months.

My Piglet is growing up! (tear)

Notice how instead of digging around in the dog bowls (strictly verboten) he slams the blinds around instead. You can just *see* the wheels turning in his little head. If he could talk in complete sentences, I bet he'd be saying "I'm not supposed to touch those, but man, they look like SO much fun. Damn, this is so infuriating! I guess I'll smash these around instead." Reminds me of how the dog used to avoid eye contact and start biting herself to look busy after being caught doing something naughty! They ARE siblings afterall.

P.S. Sorry about my shoddy camera work. I was drinking coffee while filming. Maybe if someone had been standing there saying "No, no..." to me, I would've put the coffee down. ;)


Jess said...

That is so cute. What a good boy!! I love my Reidy.

Maren said...

That is awesome! LOL

Anonymous said...

:) had to watch this without sound at work, but it is so funny, nonetheless! i love him shaking his finger!

Carrie said...

LOL!!!! I love this... it is almost like you have an invisible fence up around those bowls. That is true self-restraint!

Thanks for stalking me and checking up on our NT scan. It is nice to have stalker friends! :)

Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love that he is saying NO and shaking his finger - you have one smart cookie on your hands.