Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A funny Friday night

Dh and I fell in love while laughing.  Usually at each other.  Sometimes at other people. We are always up for something if we think it's going to be funny.  We heard Jerry Seinfeld was coming back to town so of course we got tickets.  We saw him the last time he came (about three years ago) and we laughed so hard our cheeks hurt.  This time was no different.  

At the end of the show, Jerry (we're on a first name basis) came out and did a short Q & A.  One of the questions asked was if he would ever do another television show.  This was his (hilarious) response: "You know, the answer is no.  You know why?  because I'm old and tired and rich.  (hahahahaha!) I told you I have three kids.  Every morning we watch Elmo together.  And you know what - I LIKE Elmo.  I think he's entertaining and people enjoy him.  I watch him and I think to myself  - 'let him work his little red ass off.  I'm done.'"  

How FUNNY is that?!  

We've decided that EVERY time Jerry comes to town, we're going.  Laughing non-stop for 90 minutes is definitely good for us.  It reminded us of when we first met and everything was all rainbows and sunshine and laughter 24/7.  The night caps afterwards were a good idea at the time, maybe not so good the morning after, but who cares?  It was totally worth it. What can top laughter and love?  Ah yes, the sleeping Piglet we came home to that night.  

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