Monday, November 10, 2008


These are a couple still shots of the FUNNY moment we shared tonight. Video below!

Being a parent, there are moments of pure joy. Tonight we had one of them and it was just too funny not to share. Piglet is becoming quite the copycat. Tonight his dad was making him laugh ala Edward Munch and he started mimicking his dad's gestures and facial expressions, laughing right along with us. Piglet thought his dad was just soooo funny and of course we thought PIGLET was just soooo funny! None of us could contain our amusement at the other. These are the moments that I relish. Yes, the kitchen was a mess (dinnertime wreaks havoc on my normally very tidy kitchen), Piglet had blueberry yogurt on his face and in his hair and there were dirty plates on the table, but nothing could take away from this perfectly hilarious moment!

I hope you laugh as hard as we did.

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Anonymous said...

simply adorable.