Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Piglet's Ten Month Update

I can't believe it, but today, Piglet is ten months old!  I have loved every stage, but this is my FAVORITE so far.  He is so responsive and fun albeit busy.  His little mind seems to have opened up and he can now communicate with us like signing "all done" when I'm trying to convince him to take ONE MORE BITE or looking up at the ceiling fan and signing "fan" asking me to turn it on for his amusement and then clapping when I do.  It is all just so much fun and I never want it to end!  (But do check back with me when DH has spent a long week away from home and I've been a single parent the whole time.)  Without further adieu, here are Piglet's stats for the month.  I know you've been waiting.  Haha. ;)

Stats: Weight: 22lbs, Height 30.3 inches

Clothing sizes: 12-18 & 18-24 depending on the brand and type of clothing, shoe size 4

Nicknames (a new update category, stole the idea from my friend Joy): Piglet (of course), Baby Reid, Reidy, ReeRee, Shrieker, Little Panda, Monkey, Monks, Monchichi, Bug, Baba-Roo, "Special" 

Piglet LOVES

  • being anywhere near his dog
  • taking walks
  • crawling up stairs
  • anything with wheels
  • belly laughing at us while we play with the Wii Fit
  • yogurt, especially blueberry and vanilla
  • pretending like he wants to try what you're eating, but not really wanting to try it
  • being outside
  • gingersnaps
  • Music Together 
  • parachute time at Gymboree
  • other babies
  • empty Motrin bottles 
  • sitting on the floor with a large stack of books and having you read ALL of them
  • crawling towards you while you pretend to run away from him
  • being a copycat
  • giving you large, wet kisses
  • clapping when he gets what he wants
  • the sound of his own voice
  • his mom's mom - aka "Ba"

Piglet is OVER

  • cramped spaces, e.g. the sale aisle at Janie and Jack - it's a problem.
  • being confined
  • sitting on your lap for too long
  • peas and sweet potatoes
  • going to bed at 7:00, it's more like 8:30 now
  • the exersaucer
  • other dogs barking (his dog is OK)
  • fake remote controls, give him the real thing or nothing at all
  • sitting in the high chair for longer than 30 minutes
  • his level II Gymboree class, time to move up 
  • getting his picture professionally taken
  • being told "no" (jeepers...)
  • having things mommy deems "dangerous" taken away

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