Friday, November 28, 2008

First Haircut - a photo story with a happy ending.

On our third wedding anniversary, DH took the day off and we decided to celebrate by getting Piglet his first haircut followed by a tasty lunch
here. I wanted to hold out until after his first birthday for the haircut, but once he started resembling Little Critter, I decided it was time!

Here's how it went.

This is the "before" picture taken while Piglet had a nice morning snooze.

Piglet was NOT happy about being put in the shiny yellow taxi cab at first.

He continued to be unsure and made us all aware of his "anxiety" for a couple minutes.

Mommy was able to cajole Piglet some.

Miss Carly was able to cajole Piglet some.

But the shiny red Bit-O-Honey candy bar did the job! Look how satisfied he looks.

Then Piglet sat very still as he inspected the work of Miss Carly.

Her hands were lightening-fast and Piglet was mesmerized.

Then Piglet noticed someone else getting their hair shampooed (notice in the background of the picture) and leaned waaaayyyy back to tell Miss Carly he'd like a shampoo too, please.

(Sidenote: I think this is because Piglet gets his hair shampooed over the sink every single morning by Mommy and he adores it.)

And then (drumroll for the big reveal)....


Piglet's locks were freshly shorn and he looked perfectly coiffed.

Mommy and Daddy celebrated with mid-day Margaritas. It was a wonderful, memorable afternoon and Piglet's new do is fab.

Speaking of FAB - here is the place we took him for this momentous occasion - Sit Still salon. Check out the awesome setting. What kid wouldn't feel right at home in this whimsical place?! We all LOVED it but especially Piglet, once he got past the "what the...are you doing to me" part!


Marketing Mama said...

Oh my, cute piglet, hair cut and pics! Looks like a great kiddo-salon. I wish my Avery had as much hair!

brit said...

very handsome!

Anonymous said...

just so handsome young man!!!!

Jessica said...

He looks so grown up in that chair! Looks like a great spot...