Thursday, December 4, 2008

All in a day's work.

I've decided that being a mommy is hazardous to your health (not to mention your beauty). Here's why.  As I hopped into the shower this morning, I realized that something on my finger really smarted.  Upon further investigation, I realized that I had a nasty (and I mean deeper than your average paper cut) cut on my right middle finger.  No idea when or how I acquired this injury and it seemed quite fresh!  Later I was bending down to put on my Uggs (God bless the inventor of these sheepskin miracles) and I said "ouch."  Ouch because I have a sizeable bruise on my shin.  And on my head.  And an especially curious one on the top of my left pointer toe.  No kidding.  And these are the wounds that I somehow got myself!  These don't even count the Piglet-inflicted "love" wounds that I have from Piglet's sharp little teeth. You do not want to know the location of some of these.  Trust me.  

What I've decided is that because Piglet is now so very mobile and FAST, I have thrown myself in harm's way to shield him from these bumps, bruises and cuts.  Basically, I'm like Piglet's personal Secret Service agent and should start wearing all black more.  Either that or a cape like Wonder Woman.  Bahahahaha!  Ah the thoughts that run through your head when you're an exhausted (wounded) mother. :)  

Because they are infinitely cuter than my wounds, I'll end with a series of recent pictures of Piglet whose new thing is to squint at the flashbulb.  Does this mean he's starting to anticipate things that "hurt" him too?! Regardless, it is a hilarious new skill. 

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Anonymous said...

The last photo is my favorite! With his teeth - too cute!