Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baby, it's (still) cold outside.

I have realized three things:

1) It is too cold to go out for longer than a few minutes.
2) The Cat in the Hat is NOT coming to play because even he cannot get up our hill. And Piglet's mother is not away. :)
3) It could be worse - our home is warm, stocked with food (thanks to my excellent hoarding skills) and we have running water again (thanks to no small feat and an encounter with a racoon by my dh)!
Oops - I actually have four things. Sorry.
4) Melting snow on the stovetop to fill your toilet tank is not an ideal way to spend a cold, winter's day. I know, revelation, right?


The other day Piglet was so very bored of every single toy we own and seeing as the temperature was 19 degrees and we have not gone ANYWHERE for so long, I decided to dig into our Christmas present stash. It started with the tin drum...and then the little radio and then I found I couldn't help myself and went for a BIG gift. The car. Vroom vroom. Piglet cannot get enough of it and is content to be wheeled around being fed Cheerios at his leisure for looooong periods of time. Thank goodness I had the sense to buy the version with the long handle which means no bending over for us. What a smarty (frozen) pants I am! ;)

The only downfall of this car is that it creates a ton of static. So much so that when I went to give Piglet a bite of my ice cream while he was sitting in the car a small blue spark came out! I felt so bad! (Btw, FRENCH GIRL, we Americans love to eat ice cream even with two feet of snow outside. In fact, that is the best time to eat it because there is nothing else to do!)

Anyway, it looks like we won't be able to get over the river and through the woods this year and will have to stay put. Just another day of the three of us staring at each other. With that in mind, who cares when Piglet gets his presents, right? For one and only one year, I can get away with this. Next year it will be "Santa is coming blah blah blah" and he'll actually have some sense of what it is to open a present. For now, the best present is a mommy who is not losing her mind. I'm sure you will not beg to differ.

Can you guess what I will be doing on Christmas day? Here's a hint.

Warning: you might get a little dizzy watching this! And there is an annoying squeak from the wheels which we have since fixed. Sorry.


Marketing Mama said...

That's hilarious that you broke into the Christmas presents. That car is awesome. It will be even more awesome when you can go for a walk with it outside and not have to circle the living room. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the car! Awesome gift - Reid totally looks like a rock star.