Saturday, December 20, 2008

Let it snow...but then let it MELT.

It's been snowing here for seven consecutive days.  SEVEN.  Schools were closed all week.  We haven't walked farther than a block since last Saturday.  That's a long time here in PDX for it to be snowing.  We Northwest folks are not accustomed to these type of inclement conditions lasting more than 48 hours TOPS and when it does we get a little stir crazy.  And in my case, we hoard.  You might remember one of my older posts about my hoarding tendencies.  Well this weather has put my little obsession into high gear.  (Sidenote: if you revisit the above post about Boon products, you should know they are coming out with a whole new slew of fantastic products.  You should become a fan of theirs on Facebook.  I certainly am.  Boon and brussel sprouts.  In the words of Peter Brady, now isn't that niiiiiiice.)

It all started a week ago Thursday when I went to buy some food for the pooch.  The nice and burly man asked if I was ready for "the big storm" as he carried out my bags of food.  "Storm?" I replied.  (I don't get the paper and hardly ever watch the news since the election ended, what can I say - I'd rather spend my precious few TV moments soaking in McDreamy.) "Yes'm there's a big storm heading our way, lowest temps in 20 years...but I don't believe it."  Well I did.  Like a babe believes in Santa, I did.  So I set about making lists and checking them twice.  Last Saturday was spent running all around town getting errands done - dry cleaner, tailor, grocery store, book store.  Sunday morning we awoke to a blanket of snow and it was lovely. So lovely.  Monday morning it was still lovely.  So lovely.  By Tuesday it was still pretty but gosh I hope it melts soon.  And today I say - MELT MELT MELT AWAY.  I have shopping to do and Santa to visit and family to hang around with (read: eat carbs with).  I need to be a woman about town.

If you know me, I don't need to tell you about the hoarding. If I use it daily or like it a lot, I tend to have two or three "reserves" in my pantry or extra fridge.  You heard me.  I said EXTRA FRIDGE.  And just like my main fridge, it is packed.  Being snowbound makes the desire  to hoard more acute than ever. Despite our very excellent shopping trip last Saturday, by Tuesday I found myself wanting, er NEEDING more things.  Here's what topped my list: Odwalla orange juice, Columbia River Gorge apple cider, Haagen Daz Fleur de Sel ice cream, bagels, brownie mix and napa cabbage.  Clearly these are not the items that Laura in her Little House would've listed as critical to sustain her family during a blizzard but hey, she didn't have indoor plumbing either and I do. (Or DID she after she and Almanzo moved into their fancier house?) Anyway, the nice folks at New Seasons Market were good (and brave) enough to deliver my tidy list of necessities right to my door.  Now that's service!  It was so good that I just placed another order today.  What can I say?  We already drank one jug of orange juice which only leaves two (!!!) more and who knows how long this snow will keep us trapped.  Clearly, the situation is dire. 

Below are some pictures of our winter wonderland neighborhood and a bundled up Piglet.  He seems to really enjoy the cold weather.  The dog cannot get enough of it either. As of this posting we have over ONE FOOT of snow.  This is really madness, I tell you.  Madness.

P.S. If you ever need traction devices for your feet, cut up an old pair of nylons and slip them over your shoes.  Works like a charm.

P.P.S. - Sorry for this very long and verbose post. Cabin fever makes you freaking CHATTY.


Katell said...

If I can say something...... Who wants to eat ice cream when it is freazing cold outside ????? Weirdo !! :=)

Marketing Mama said...

Ok, your hoarding behavior is hilarious. I was going to give you a tough time about roughing it, until I read that your pipes froze. That really bites.

LOVE the personalized hat. Were you inspired by my post on personalized items (with Avery's hat) or did you already have one?