Thursday, December 11, 2008

Piglet is 11 months old!

Piglet is just one short month (we all know how fast December goes) away from his first birthday. I can't stand it. No really.  I can't. least I get to plan a party for the little Shrieker.  Oh and let's not forget his first Christmas will come between now and then too.  Okay, maybe I CAN stand it.  A little.  But just a little.  

Weight 22.8lbs - his weight gain is tapering off because he's gotten so active with all the crawling and cruising!  I hope my chubby baby sticks around awhile longer though.  Who doesn't love a fat baby?!

Height: 30.5 inches. 

Clothing sizes: 12-18 and 18-24, shoe size 4

Party tricks: blowing kisses - complete with "mwah!" sound effects, responding to the word "surprise!" by putting his hands on either side of his face (this is hiiiiiilaaaaariiiious), the oldies but goodies - lotion, no-no, waving hi and bye, clapping, something newer - throwing his head back and getting his lower lip to tremble when he gets "in trouble" but then recovering in a matter of seconds, saying da-da with perfect clarity, signing dog, fan, all done and more, shuddering when very excited (!), pointing at things and in directions with his pointer finger.

Nicknames: Piglet, Shrieker, Reidy, Reidy Roo, Panda, Special, Terrible Little Child (this is usually used during meal times when he bats the spoon away!), Baba Roo, Munchkin, Monkey, Monks.

Piglet LOVES
  • his activity table complete with annoying caterpillar voice
  • the humidifier
  • taking paintings (but only original art, no kidding!) off the walls
  • "blowing" the lights off and on - it's a Music Together thing
  • Music Together 
  • Gymbo the clown at Gymboree
  • the parachute at Gymboree
  • playdates at our house
  • dancing around the house with mom to Pink Martini, he's also partial to waltzes
  • Eva, Kate, Avery and Gracen
  • Christmas music
  • empty boxes
  • Blues Clues (tv! gasp!)
  • pounding the ivories
  • watching daddy juggle
  • biting you or your clothes
  • chasing the dog 
  • Ritz crackers
  • climbing stairs
  • pop-up books
  • falling asleep in the car
  • an audience and applause - the louder the better

Piglet is OVER
  • eating anything green
  • the jumperoo
  • getting his face washed
  • laying down for diaper changes
  • the Nuby sippy...on to a big boy sippy
  • Dr. Seuss - for now
  • Gerber wagon wheels
  • Baby Einstein 
  • car rides after 6:00 p.m.
  • sitting quietly at restaurants
  • crowded spaces - I think he's a bit claustrophobic
  • crawling through tunnels


morganrenee said...

Look at those pearly-whites! Aww.

Anonymous said...

that middle one is BEST ONE EVER!!!