Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's a BOONiful life

It seems like lately, every day has been a little like Christmas for me! Every since Piglet started eating solids, I've finally been able to break out all these fun gadgets and toys that I've been hoarding since before he was even born. Yes, I said it. Hoarding. Anyone who knows me knows that I am infamous for my hoarding. Seriously, now with Piglet it's reached epic proportions. You know that lady who likes something then proceeds to buy one in every color? Or better yet, you know that lady that likes some [insert any and every type of clothing] for Piglet so much, she buys one for now, one the very next size up and then yet another for next year? C'est Moi.

Anyway, today was yet again Christmas as I ripped open the packaging of a
BOON Squirt food dispensing spoon.  Piglet is just now getting to the point where he needs more than just one meal of solids per day and  I knew we were going to be out and about for at least 4-6 hours today so it seemed like just the ticket.  I'll be honest, even when I bought the BOON Squirt spoon, I was dubious about how well it would work. Well, holy pureed apple on my face.  This thing is pure genius. Now I can't wait to try out all the other BOON feeding products in my arsenal.  I see hoarding in my future...

PS - I also love the BOON bath products, especially the Flo Water Deflector which I've literally used since the day we brought Piglet home.  Those clever little peeps at BOON make such useful stuff!  And, did I mention that 10% of their profits support children's charities?

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