Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Seven Month Birthday Piglet

Today at 10:01 a.m. marks exactly seven months since Piglet entered the world.  How time flies. It's all going so quickly - too quickly for my taste.  Here's proof.  This was my and dh's conversation when he came home from business travel last week.

DH: He's getting bigger.  It's like when we got the dog and I'd come home after a week away and she changed from a puppy to a dog.  Piglet is growing like that. Next week I'll come home and he'll be talking in full sentences. 

Me: (sobbing) No.  I don't believe it.  He can't be growing.  I need him to stay a baby forever!

DH: Babe - That's impossible!  Kahuna Matata - it's the circle of life!  

Me: Dude, that's NOT how it goes!

DH: (Happily singing "Kahuna Matata" while brushing teeth.)

(For the record, dh always gets that all wrong no matter how many times I tell him Kahuna Matata isn't even the right phrase much less meaning!)

Piglet, please stop growing or at least stop growing so quickly because it is making mommy very sad!  Then again, please do grow because you have a closet full of fall clothes I cannot wait to put you in!  :) Happy Seven Months, kiddo. We love you. 

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enail5 said...

Happy 7 months Reid!