Sunday, August 3, 2008

Baby food - go make your own.

We are fans of making baby food at our house.  I'm a fan because - hello, have you seen the color of homemade pureed peas vs. the peas in a jar found at the grocery store? If not, see photo below. Which peas would YOU rather eat?

Piglet is a fan because he LOVES how it all tastes.  At first I thought, hey, I buy organic, even though I didn't make it, it's good because it's organic, right?  Right and wrong.  Right because it is handy and inexpensive, plus it's organic.  Wrong because Piglet was never interested in solid food until I made homemade apples and his face contorted and then broke into a one-toothed grin.  Once I tasted the difference, I couldn't blame him.  The PEAS people, try the PEAS!  Dh is such a fan of the fresh pureed ones, he often asks me to set some aside for him.  Apparently they call them "mashy peas" in the UK and serve them alongside fish n' chips. But, I digress. Back to the baby food. Making your own food has been surprisingly satisfying to me. In fact, I find that I'm constantly thinking of what else I can make for the Piglet to try. Because of this new obsession, my collection of Baby Cubes is growing by the day.   What are Baby Cubes, you ask?  Only the greatest invention ever for the home babyfood-maker!  They are BPA free, keep food perfectly fresh in the fridge and freezer and are perfect portion sizes for babies.  They are also inexpensive at $7.95 for a set of eight.  Pretty nifty, aren't they?  I have six sets and I've decided I need at least four more. Check out my latest batch of pureed Golden Delicious apples. These are Piglet's fave and will last me about a week to ten days. I'll leave two out and freeze the rest. Now come on, tell me that doesn't appeal to your inner Suzie homemaker!

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