Monday, August 11, 2008

The asian thing - it's real and it's deep.

So tonight I have Piglet on my hip as I'm staring at the fridge trying to figure out where to put our leftovers from dinner when he goes and PICKS UP the giant bottle of Kikkoman soy sauce!!!  Of all the things to grab (Tapatio, ketchup, maple syrup...) he goes for the one and ONLY asian thing within reach.   Now for obvious reasons, we loves us some soy sauce around here so I guess the bottom line is: don't question the asian thing, it's real and it's deep.  

PS - The picture quality is crap because I took it with my camera phone in really bad light!


Dwayne said...

I'll have to get you a bottle of Sweet & Spicy Tabasco - it's Asian+Cajun (Casian or Ajun?).

That'll put hair on his chest (won't Carson be jealous?)

morganrenee said...

I love this photo. It may be the greatest shot and stroy about little Reid Kim and that I have ever seen and heard.