Thursday, August 21, 2008

Are you an FOP? Scroll down to find out!

What's an FOP you ask?  A Friend of Piglet of course!  Get your mind out of the gutter.  

These are the twins Gracen and Rowan.  Our dads are supernerds and hang out whenever our moms will let them.  Between our two moms, they know everything about everything.  No, really.  

This is my dad and me with our friends Ashley and Erin.  Erin is older and bigger than me, but I'm catching up!   Erin also has a blog - mcmillerpdx which my mom reads all the time.  

This is my friend Matteos, our moms say we are "brothas."  He lives in Hotlanta. Our birthdays are just three days apart.  Someday we will celebrate them together! 

This is my cousin Carson, he and I are almost exactly one year apart.  His mom, my auntie, says we're going to get into lots of trouble together for many years to come.  See, Carson is already practicing saying "What? we didn't do it!" 

These are my cousins Eva and Lucie.  They aren't sisters, but they sure do look alike!  Mommy says they're "trouble." 

These are (yes) MORE cousins...Dillon and Paige.  They are buddies.  I hope they'll still be nice to be when they're cool kids and I'm still just a little peanut.

This is Will who has a lot of nicknames like P. Jr. and Little P to name a few.  Apparently he is going to take me hunting and fishing to balance out the inevitable nerd in me.  

This is Avery.  Our moms have been friends forever.  They don't even need to say anything to know what the other one is thinking. Scary.  It will be hard to pull one over on these two!  I threw a dinner party and Avery came.  She broke in my new booster and sang "Ten Little Monkeys" for me.  I can already tell that I can learn a lot from her, plus she's purty.

C'est ma cousine Aitana.  Elle est ne le cinq Aout a l'Espagne.  Elle is tres jolie, non? J'taime!  Bet you didn't know I was a multilingual piglet!  Here's something funny, her parents call her Lechon which means "little pig" in Spanish.  We have the same nickname but just in different languages! 

This is my friend Kate, aka Miss Cutie K. She's made LOTS of appearances on my blog already because, well, our moms love taking pictures of us together! Poor saps.

This is Haven.  Her mom and my mom have been friends since high school.  I'm giving her pointers on how to keep her hair from falling out.  So far it's working!

***If you know you're an FOP but your picture isn't posted, it's because mommy doesn't have a picture of you!  Send it on over and she'll add it right away!***

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