Friday, August 15, 2008

Piglet takes home the gold...

*Warning and disclaimer: the following could be construed as (gasp) bragging.   Avert eyes if such things are found offensive.

Yesterday I took Piglet to see his pediatrician for what I feared was more than just teething symptoms.  He has been cranky, feverish and then yesterday started coughing (saddest sound in the world).  I chalked it up to teething but the advice nurse told me some startling news - fevers are NOT a symptom of teething!!! Everything of course is, but not fevers.  I was shocked (and felt quite bad). Anyway, we go in to see PD (Piglet's doc) who is by all accounts a wonderful person, but pretty reserved and not overly effusive.  Piglet despite feeling terrible, was shockingly good throughout all the poking and prodding.  This prompted PD to say things like "he is a very charming baby" and "what a wonderful disposition this little fella has" and "Piglet is a delightful boy."  Piglet of course,  just ate that up smiling and cooing at the good doc. Btw, turns out the only disease he has is the disease to please, that and a tooth about to come up. ;)

To Piglet, you have brought honor to our family with your highly favorable performance at the office of the healers.  Our great many ancestors are smiling upon you. With that said, I bestow upon you, the gold medal for "Happiness & Harmony While Being Poked and Prodded." Carry on little Grasshoppa.      

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