Sunday, August 17, 2008

Months Six and Seven Updates...a little late :)

Month Six

Stats: 27 inches - 50% for height, 18.5lbs - 60% for weight, 50% for head circumference.  

Piglet LOVES
  • rolling all around the nursery
  • taking baths
  • being outside 
  • touching any and all interesting (or uninteresting) surfaces and fabrics
  • being held
  • playing with blocks
  • cuddling
  • Sandra Boynton books 
  • pureed apples
  • his highchair
  • the jumperoo
  • the mirror
  • you making funny faces at him
  • making smacking noises with his mouth, especially when he sees you eating something
  • bubbles
Piglet is OVER
  • the changing table
  • lying still for a diaper change
  • taking off / putting on clothes that go over his head
  • the booger bulb 
  • the bouncy seat
  • the BOB
  • anyone who is not mommy after 5:00 p.m.
  • being low to the ground e.g. the Bumbo

Month Seven

Stats: 19.2lbs and we assume the rest are roughly the same!

Piglet LOVES
  • long morning naps 
  • sleeping in your arms 
  • when you sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider"
  • snoring
  • being tickled on his belly
  • laughing with other people
  • watching the dog run around
  • avocados
  • Gymboree class (as long there's that long morning nap beforehand)
  • other babies
  • putting his head on your shoulder when someone new says hello
  • smiling back at you
  • when you click your tongue
  • stacking cups
  • smacking away at keyboards
  • a sip of anything you're drinking
  • giving kisses
  • throwing things on the floor
  • YouTube

Piglet is OVER

  • restaurants - mom and dad are learning to eat very quickly or order take out!
  • having lotion put on his face
  • putting on pajamas at night 
  • you leaving the room without him
  • bottles (yes, still...)
  • sounds made by the blender, vacuum, and Cuisinart
  • sweet potatoes
  • large stuffed animals that sound like mommy pretending to be Yogi bear
  • mommy using her laptop without his "help"
  • teething
  • the binky

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Marketing Mama said...

Oh my, your little piglet is so adorable. I have a little girl named Avery that is almost 8 months old. They would have a blast together. :)