Friday, November 21, 2008

Feeling sentimental.

I don't know if it's the holidays approaching or what, but I have been feeling sooooo sentimental and weepy lately. I keep thinking about what we were doing last year at this time and how we were carefully preparing for the most important moment of our lives. From saying goodnight over the large pillow barricade (aka back support) each night to carefully decorating and stocking the nursery, it was a wonderful albeit anxious time for us. 

And now here we are. 
One year later. 
With this little person who laughs and claps in his sleep and just learned how to chew.
It boggles the mind.

I find myself flipping through pictures in iPhoto over and over again saying to DH "Remember when we did that?" or "Gosh, can you beliiiiieve how tiny he (Piglet) was?" I cannot help myself. I keep thinking that Piglet can't really be nearing his FIRST BIRTHDAY. Seriously. How did that happen?! My precious, darling newborn became an infant and is now approaching toddlerhood. The thought makes me WEEP. No really.


No one likes to cry alone, so even though I had planned to do this as his birthday post which is still six weeks away, here is a slideshow of our (almost) first year together. Enjoy.

P.S. Please do me a favor, if you have a piglet or piglets of your own, go hug them for me. I am a giant marshmallow-like ball of love for the wee ones right now!

P.P.S. If you enjoy the slideshow, please leave me a COMMENT!  I love to hear what you think and it motivates me to blog more too.  Win-win, baby.


Jess said...

That was awesome! Miss A watched it with me and was yelling as your faces came up. You are reaching a major milestone - its so amazing how quickly it goes, isn't it?

ang said...

So, I still haven't even met the little piglet and at the first shot of you all cute and pregnant, I started to get teary. There is just nothing like that pure joy and excitement of having a baby. You look great. So does the whole family. Thanks for the slideshow.

Anonymous said... made me cry too!!!!
I love you & Reid! Mirka

Anonymous said...

Your boo hoos are contagious. So beautiful - I love it!

Smelly Mama

Katell said...

I LOVED IT !!! The slideshow is beautiful, Piglet is beautiful and you three are like the PERFECT family (LOVE the picture in the bed, the 3 of you). Hope to be able to hugg Piglet before he is 21 !!! :=)

Anonymous said...

You are too cute! I love your slideshow. I haven't seen your professional photos! They are great.

Tara said...

As a fellow mom of a (now) one year and three day old... I totally weep along with you. I loved the slideshow! I might need to make one myself.

Marketing Mama said...

That was awesome! I love that you took pictures of decorating the nursery and stroller shopping! Your pro pics are so beautiful, and all the little piglet pics are precious. I love how you had him decked out in designer receiving blankets in the hospital. :)