Tuesday, September 1, 2009

RIP: Appetite 8/5/09 - 8/20/09

I am sorry to say it, but my appetite of mythical proportions has disappeared.  Now in its place lies only a bounty of indecision and answers like "nothing sounds good" or "Eew. No, definitely not that." Come now, where's the fun in THAT?  It's not nearly as entertaining as having a bowl of cappellini with pomodoro sauce at 9:00 a.m. chased by three waffles, is it?  I should say NOT.

For the past five days I have hovered between the "I'm going to hurl right now" place and the "I *think* I'm going to hurl right now" place.  It is terrible.  While I didn't have a huge appetite while pregnant with Piglet, I didn't have terrible morning sickness either.  Certainly not like this and certainly not this early in the game.  

Infertiles - forgive me for this complaining.  I know it is all a blessing and there were days and nights I prayed for morning sickness and fatigue and any and everything that would bring me a baby.  I'm just struggling a little today.  Okay.  A lot. 

Perhaps the worst part of this is that I dearly love preparing food and eating food and I cannot seem to feel well enough to do either with gusto. Scratch that, I cannot manage to do either AT ALL.  

Today I ate three C.lif Mojo Bars to increase my protein intake because the thought of any other type of protein sounded just plain unpalatable.  And I had to CHOKE. THEM. DOWN.  Many friends have piped up with the suggestion of Z.ofran.  I am considering it as it is a B Class d.rug and apparently very safe and used widely.  

After all this doom and gloom about food, I think I should end on a high note, don't you agree?  My appetite and desire for cherry I.cees remains intact!  Hallelujah.  


Anonymous said...

I had/have terrible, terrible morning sickness with this twin pregnancy. Seriously. Bad. It started at about 5w3d and I ended up going on vomiting marathons around 7-8 weeks and eventually broke blood vessels in my throat from puking so much. I am 10w5d today.

As much as I hate to take anything, I am on Zofran and it is saving my sanity and probably the nutrition of my little ones. It does not totally take away the nausea for me most days but it definitely took care of the vomiting. I have a post on Zofran and some people chimed in - lots have taken it and it is presumably safe. I still get paranoid though - is anything ever safe???

By the way, yay for morning sickness on the one hand because it hopefully means the Twinkies are kicking butt.

Dr. A said...

I agree, morning sickness though a nasty pest is always a good sign things are cooking. Darned hormones!

Buy stock in cherry icees.

Meredith said...

So sorry to hear the morning sickness is taking its toll. I think I lived on mostly Luna Bars, liquids and preggie pops for the first trimester and change. Keep the cherry icees coming and try to think of the sickness as a good thing. I hope you're able to cook (and eat) up a storm again soon!

Amber said...

I can't speak for twin pregnancies, but in my own personal experience, I had way more morning sickness with my girls than with my boy. Just an interesting tidbit. :) This last time around, there were times when all I could eat without near-gagging was a Jamba Juice. Not to take away from the joy of pregnancy at all...

Anonymous said...

I took something for morning sickness that was sold in those little naturopathic blue vials at New Seasons. If you're interested, I'll ask my dr. what it was and you can check with your dr. to see whether it's safe for you and your wee ones. Send me a note on FB if you're interested.


Anonymous said...

B ended up stopping at work and picking up Arby's on the way home every day for me in the beginning. i swear. i needed protien and that was the only way to get it. :) you do hat you have to do..

and zofran's not that bad ;) come on, you know you want some (said in the bad girl from high school voice....)


Jessica said...

How about a slurpee trio? :-)

Better yet, a cheesecake trio. Tomorrow. Yummy.

Cameron said...

Bummer! I hope you feel better! :(